Below I illustrate the main motivations, research questions and concepts, methods and data characterising part of my research activity.


The target has been to gain a better understanding of the complex dynamics of human behaviours, such as social or dietary behaviors, social contagion processes, epidemic spreading, etc., unveiling the impact of hidden human-related factors.


Here some of the research questions: if the first question is addressed by game theory, the second one is related to complex networks and network science, while the last one introduces bio-inspired and human-related factors incorporated in our modelling approaches.


These are the main concepts embodied in my methodologies and based on which the main statistical estimators have been defined.


Here I summarise the methods used in my research activity and how these are linked with each other.


Below the different types of multi-scale data used: from social networks data to user’s google searches and trends of some words, to socio-economic, metabolic or other healthcare data provided by the WHO on specific diseases or virus, or data from MCS services (e.g., Waze).